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Burlington Slate

Burlington Slate available in Westmorland green or Blue/Grey

Whatever the project, a roof of Burlington Slates speaks permanence, consideration and quality.

Burlington Slates are ideal for the creation of fascinating and striking roofscapes, enabling architects to develop clean, incisive lines and details.

Whether the choice be random, sized or patterned slates, Burlington is a great natural choice.

Westmorland Green


Kirby Blue/Grey


Burlington Natural slate….. a hundred times older than mankind and a material that has been quarried for over 400 years to create stunning and weathertight roof coverings.

Unsurpassed in its ability to stand the test of time, whilst providing an exquisite finish to any home, new or refurbished, Burlington’s Blue/Grey and Westmorland Green natural slate roofing is quintessentially British and speaks permanence, consideration and quality. The perfect medium for creating fascinating and striking roofscapes of distinction, it conveys the line and mass of a roof in a manner unmatched by other materials.

We produce Burlington roofing slates in three different formats from both our Blue/Grey and our Westmorland Green materials. The three roofing slates formats are:

Sized Slates

Are cut to fixed dimensions of length and width: the width never being less than half the length. Where a roof has a shallower pitch, larger sizes of pattered slates can be used.

Sized Slates
Are of a stated length but of random widths: the widths will never be less than half the length and not greater than a square.

Sized slates are ideal for roofs, where there is a lot of cutting required, i.e. at verges, hips and valleys, as the widest of the slates can be selected for these areas.

Are supplied in random lengths and widths: the width never being less than half the length.

Randoms are ordered by reference to the maximum and minimum required lengths, for example 460mm to 225mm (18” to 10”): they must be sorted on site by length and are laid to courses which diminish from eaves to ridge.